Monday, June 23, 2008

Ringtones for your canine companions...and ONLY your canine companions

I have been pretty lax with posting recently, but I just had to post this article I found on CrunchGear. It is ridiculous. This is taken from the website.

"Tokyo-based interactive content provider Dwango announced today [JP, PDF] the start of a download service of a very special kind. Now Japanese cell phone owners are able to get ringtones that are only audible to dogs.

The service is dubbed Inu ni shika kikoenai chakushinon (ringtones only dogs can hear). Dwango says their idea is absolutely groundbreaking. Downloads are free for subscribers of the tori houdai (download flatrate) service, which is only available on DoCoMo’s proprietary mobile web system imode."

Wow, can you even imagine the possibilities with this cellphone? No really. Can you imagine it? I'm drawing a blank here and I love our canine compatriots. I can only imagine it being used as a device to control dogs everywhere. Seriously, folks, this is simply a technology that is the precursor to our destruction. Damn it, Japan. I'm not ready for the Apocalypse. Wall-E isn't even out in theatres yet!

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