Thursday, February 28, 2008

Arrested Development Art

I've known about this for a while. However, I figured some of my fans who love Arrested Development may not have seen this.

Also, I embedded an Arrested Development video featuring Buster (Tony Hale). Apparently, one of the jokes in the show is a reference to a commercial he did for VWs. I love this show.

Breakfast of the Gods

Now, I decided to highlight a webcomic that I like to read from time to time. I believe that you will all enjoy it too.

It is basically an epic story that uses all our favorite childhood cereal brands. Tony the Tiger is a Bad Ass, Captain Crunch is like Captain America, the Trix Rabbit is a spy, and Count Chocolua is an evil crime lord. This is crazy shit. I'll just show off two pages randomly from this ongoing work.

Wow, this is cool.

Toucan Sam as a Club Owner? Frankenberry as thug? The Cocoa Pebbles Knock Off Monkey? Trix Rabbit? Everyone should at least peruse this comic.

Breakfast of the God
is an ongoing work and I hope you all take some time to relive your childhood cereals in this oddly seriously fucked up universe.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wow. Blu-Ray has ruined me.

Today, I received the New Frontier on Blu-Ray today. When I first bought the PS3, I put Pixar's the Incredibles for a field test. The movie quality was already fantastic on standard definition. The PS3 upscaled it somewhat and I just couldn't imagine the picture quality being any better.

Months later, I put the Incredibles into the slot for a friend to watch. Needless to say, I started to nitpick the qualities of this masterpiece. Suddenly, the image became too soft or the crispiness wasn't all that spectacular to me. Even when I bought Ratatouille, the amazing quality of that film didn't make me notice the jump. Ironically, it took a 2-D animated film like the New Frontier to make me see the difference.

I used to argue with Zac regarding cartoon transfers. Was there improvement for animation on a high definition scale? Aren't they already optimized for DVD? Well, after watching the Blu-Ray copy of this film...I was blown away. I just could not believe the colors, the sharpness of the edges, and lack of any imperfection. Unbelievable. Unfortunately, the rest of the extras including the extra Justice League episodes are standard definition. They look like CRAP on the HDTV. I haven't watched all the extras and only briefly went through the chapters of the film. The Darwyn Cooke commentary is supposed to be insightful so I am looking forward to that. My feelings on the film are strong. As a geek who loved the original work and a fan who loves superhero films, this is incredibly faithful and fun. Not perfect, but really amazing considering what they were able to do. They compressed two volumes into a 75 minute time with little sacrifice. Well Done.

If I had to put some sort of rating down, I call this a B+ purchase. In my heart, it is really an A- though.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wait, some Trailers!

Tomorrow, Justice League: New Frontier will be arriving from Amazon on Blu-Ray! To commemorate, I embedded two trailers. One is for the film itself and the second is for the new Batman Animatrix-Esque Project coming out prior to the Dark Knight arriving in theaters.

Justice League- New Frontier

I'll reserve a post about this Blu-Ray when I watch it. However, I did watch a screener for this film and it was EXCELLENT. It is a great adaptation of the work. Highly recommended. Although it does feel choppy and a little short at the end, I think Bruce Timm and his buddies did a stellar job with this work. Clearly, there was a ton of love for the original work by Darwyn Cooke.

Batman Anime Project. This looks interesting. I loved the Animatrix, but disliked the actual films. Hopefully, I will like both movies. I recognize some of the designs here, but I am too lazy to figure it out.

Frank Miller. What the hell?

In the recent issue of All Star Batman and Robin, Batman decides to confront Green Lantern by painting himself yellow.

What?I don't even know why I even bother reading this comic. The art clashes with Frank Miller's style. Frank Miller claims that this series is actually a prequel to his classic "Dark Knight Returns" series. Although I can understand how this could work, I really liked how Batman's craziness in the classic is related to the changing times. I don't want his craziness (especially here) to be just be KRAZY. I just can't believe Batman would ever paint himself and his surroundings yellow in order to confront the Green Lantern. I'm thinking of just calling this Batman, MR. B. "Mentally Retarded Batman."

I've been playing the new Apollo Justice title. Still stuck on the first case, but I really like this game so far. It is basically like every other game in the series, but just a little bit slicker.

Monday, February 25, 2008

My relationship with my long time friend, ANIME.

During the Writer's Strike, I relied heavily upon downloaded episodes of my favorite television classics for sustenance. Granted, I am almost always satiated by shows such as Arrested Development and Seinfeld. However, I always found myself looking for fresh stuff. During this time, I sort of went back to an EX-girlfriend.

When I say "Ex-girlfriend," I mean "Anime." For the uninitiated, anime is Japanese Animation. Starting from my high school year, I began on a spiral toward loving practically EVERYTHING japanese. Trigun Chocolate Bars? Check. NERV notebook? CHECK. Action Figures? DOUBLE CHECK. However, as Anime grew in the United States, I became more distanced and noticed all her little flaws. Although she sometimes looked pretty, she almost always ended up being predictable and boring. Worst of all, she always had a really bad ending. God, what terrible endings. In fact, the best part of Anime is actually the CLIMAX. The actual SHOWDOWN always made me reevaluate our relationship.

With the Writers Strike, I went back. Surprisingly, she was still attractive to the eye. The lineup has been good. Most of my favorite shows won't be coming back till April so I'm still watching these shows. I decided it would be cool to highlight my picks. In order to not create an overly long post, I'll just pick a few to mention every so often.


"See this dynamic pose? This animation pops up at least three or four times in a single episode. Gotta love Anime."

I love BASEBALL anime. Hell, I love Baseball movies. I don't want baseball on a regular basis unless teams are in the playoffs though. I think I love this shows (now going into Season 4) because the characters are easy to cheer for. Although the show has become more SHONEN (a term referring to Boy's Comics) in terms of learning a new move or just surpassing one's limits, the environment is just a beautiful playground. I don't find myself recommending this show to people because it is a particular kind of show that appeals to me. I don't watch it for animation (mediocre at best), the incredible storytelling (actually pretty generic at times, or the ladies (mostly testosterone). This is a guilty pleasure. PURE and SIMPLE.

Mmmm...Racism. I also love how Americans are perceived by the Japanese public. Fun Fact. Japanese people think all Americans drink every night and carry at least ONE firearm. I'm just Chinese though. It only gets awkward when that darn textbook issue comes up. Luckily, you can always ask for ice cream to calm both sides down (or buns with paste). On a side note, "Yellow Monkey"? Really? C'mon, Japan. That was SO World War II.

Let's Procrastinate This Week!

Currently, I am working on a Physics lab for tomorrow. It involves resistors, currents, and the whole she-bang. Instead, I end up taking breaks and noticing things that can distract me.

The Ben Affleck/Kimmel Reply Video came on tonight.

Needless to say, I was disappointed. This actually felt like a summer blockbuster without the sizzle. It had a huge cast, tons of cameos, but ultimately lacked what made that first video great. What made that first video great was the surprise over how awesome Matt Damon was in the video and his ability to really outshine Sarah Silverman in the video. I'm willing to admit that Matt Damon's performance was what made me fall in love with that video. This...this just reeks of over-indulgence. Plus, the bleeps in the Silverman/Damon video were endearing and spaced out enough that it didn't interfere with the enjoyment of the song. The constant "bleeping" made it difficult to enjoy this video. Although Affleck was more hands on than his "Good Will Hunting" partner, he also just played the gay joke in a one note manner. You would think that after "Chasing Amy" (which is on Criterion, what?!), he would pick up on something. Oh well. "WHOA. They almost leaned in for a kiss. WHOA. They're not wearing shirts and putting their hands in each other's pants. Big Whoop." It's such a waste of talent too. Hell, McLovin' was in that video. It was PURE fanservice. I'm not against fan service, but this just was not that entertaining.

Harrison Ford stole the show for one scene though and provided the only "wtf" moment.

Patapon is that rare game the just SCREAMS Japanese and AWESOME-O at the same time. I love this game. This is the most innovative game design of the year and I am glad that I actually own a PSP. I just really like sending black lemming-like creatures to their doom while wielding axes and arrows. It is sheer gaming brilliance. Pata Pata Pata Pon!

Finally, I want to link to this site. It's a really cool optical illusion that focuses on the right brain vs left brain. It will fuck with your mind. Seriously.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The History between Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel

By now, we all know the song. Well tonight, it is rumored that Kimmel is going to reply back with his own video following the Oscars. I actually have no clue. However, I do think this feud is awfully hilarious. However, did we really give a shit about Jimmy Kimmel's program prior to this feud? Nope. I'm a professed admirer of Conan, Colbert, and Stewart. However, for the sake of it, I wanted to reveal that the song itself was a product of a long time fun (and scripted) feud.

Man, this almost feels real. Matt Damon is just one damn fine actor.

"The Matt Damien" thing makes me laugh. Nothing like a Hispanic stereotype mispronouncing a star's name.

I loved this. Clearly, Matt Damon is in on the joke. Although the other clips could almost act like a REAL feud.

The Matt Damon Song

Will we see the reply tonight? After seeing "Gone, Baby, Gone," my respect for Ben Affleck has arisen from...well...THE POINT is that I don't think he is a total hack. It should be funny if it airs tonight or tomorrow.

An Attempt at Relevance

Hello, Internet. As someone who is accustomed to simply reading or wasting time reading various blogs. I decided that I wanted to create my own blog. However, this blog won't be about the usual pitfalls of blogs. I won't attempt to be a valid news source. I won't spread my feelings out and attempt to coerce sympathy out of you. Instead, consider this an attempt to show my love for the internet and everything it provides to the people. Case in point, I would love to showcase the various videos that I find or the weird geeky things I love for people to see.

What is the chance that people are ACTUALLY going to read this blog? Do I care? Not particularly. I also wanted to create an archive of the various links, videos, or relics that people should give a SHIT about. Well, I don't want to force you to give a shit. However, I want you to all have an open mind and hopefully a will to withstand my onslaught.

As for the title, I believe that an Opera House is a reference to my Asian roots. Also, please ignore the proper grammar. Although I think I write well enough, don't go all grammatical on my ass. Yes, I said "ass." This is off the cuff, uncut, and generally going to be the style of the entries. I got sick of finding funny things and then proceeding to e-mail links to people. You're going to get it ALL here. "The Best of the Funny Shit I Find" is the true name for this site. Will it become something else? As Ian Malcolm said...well, fuck that. I'm not going to quote that.

This blog is generated to show the love. Here comes the Love. This is my ending quote...

"...and she was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!"