Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wait, some Trailers!

Tomorrow, Justice League: New Frontier will be arriving from Amazon on Blu-Ray! To commemorate, I embedded two trailers. One is for the film itself and the second is for the new Batman Animatrix-Esque Project coming out prior to the Dark Knight arriving in theaters.

Justice League- New Frontier

I'll reserve a post about this Blu-Ray when I watch it. However, I did watch a screener for this film and it was EXCELLENT. It is a great adaptation of the work. Highly recommended. Although it does feel choppy and a little short at the end, I think Bruce Timm and his buddies did a stellar job with this work. Clearly, there was a ton of love for the original work by Darwyn Cooke.

Batman Anime Project. This looks interesting. I loved the Animatrix, but disliked the actual films. Hopefully, I will like both movies. I recognize some of the designs here, but I am too lazy to figure it out.

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