Sunday, February 24, 2008

An Attempt at Relevance

Hello, Internet. As someone who is accustomed to simply reading or wasting time reading various blogs. I decided that I wanted to create my own blog. However, this blog won't be about the usual pitfalls of blogs. I won't attempt to be a valid news source. I won't spread my feelings out and attempt to coerce sympathy out of you. Instead, consider this an attempt to show my love for the internet and everything it provides to the people. Case in point, I would love to showcase the various videos that I find or the weird geeky things I love for people to see.

What is the chance that people are ACTUALLY going to read this blog? Do I care? Not particularly. I also wanted to create an archive of the various links, videos, or relics that people should give a SHIT about. Well, I don't want to force you to give a shit. However, I want you to all have an open mind and hopefully a will to withstand my onslaught.

As for the title, I believe that an Opera House is a reference to my Asian roots. Also, please ignore the proper grammar. Although I think I write well enough, don't go all grammatical on my ass. Yes, I said "ass." This is off the cuff, uncut, and generally going to be the style of the entries. I got sick of finding funny things and then proceeding to e-mail links to people. You're going to get it ALL here. "The Best of the Funny Shit I Find" is the true name for this site. Will it become something else? As Ian Malcolm said...well, fuck that. I'm not going to quote that.

This blog is generated to show the love. Here comes the Love. This is my ending quote...

"...and she was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!"

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