Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Frank Miller. What the hell?

In the recent issue of All Star Batman and Robin, Batman decides to confront Green Lantern by painting himself yellow.

What?I don't even know why I even bother reading this comic. The art clashes with Frank Miller's style. Frank Miller claims that this series is actually a prequel to his classic "Dark Knight Returns" series. Although I can understand how this could work, I really liked how Batman's craziness in the classic is related to the changing times. I don't want his craziness (especially here) to be just be KRAZY. I just can't believe Batman would ever paint himself and his surroundings yellow in order to confront the Green Lantern. I'm thinking of just calling this Batman, MR. B. "Mentally Retarded Batman."

I've been playing the new Apollo Justice title. Still stuck on the first case, but I really like this game so far. It is basically like every other game in the series, but just a little bit slicker.

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