Monday, May 5, 2008

A Look at the Shortpacked Comic Strip!

I recently came across this awesome strip called "Shortpacked!" Although it is geared toward the nerd community, I do believe that it can be a really funny strip to the uninitiated. Generally, all my favorite strips are superhero-related. Here are a few featuring Batman and Captain America!

This is an excellent piece of commentary regarding the ridiculous "alternative" action figures for superheroes. When would Superman ever need a rocket launcher? When would Spider-Man need "Hydro-Vehicle Action"? Of course, these costumes almost always make no sense. This was a lovely strip.

Well, I always did wonder how Captain America adjusted to the modern times. Actually, Captain America joined the Avengers in 1963-1964. As a result, it really does make me wonder about the Captain American prior to the later 60s when "shit started going KRAZY." Back in those times, the extent of dealing with complicated issue such as race was primarily done through the X-Men. Of course, this X-Men team consisted of "vanilla white" individuals who just happened to have powers. Today, the X-Men team serves better as a homosexuality metaphor. This can be best seen in X-Men 2/3 with the Iceman coming out to his family and Angel trying to hide his true nature with a razor in the bathroom. God, X-Men 3 was terrible despite a great opening number...

Iron Man review should be up later this week. In a brief summary though, Iron Man is the BEST start to any superhero franchise in recent memory. It's like having Spider-Man 2 or X-Men 2, but as the opening film of a trilogy. For those who thought this was looking bad, I think you really need to take a closer look. This is easily the most enjoyable film of the year if you're a comic book fan or not...

This isn't even my official review!

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