Thursday, May 1, 2008

Crying Sumo Baby Contest = The Future?

"An annual "crying sumo" contest for babies, in which pairs of infants are brought together to see who can cry the first or the loudest, was held at Tokyo's Sensoji Temple on Sunday."

Hoo boy. Where do I begin. Alright, basically this is a contest to determine which baby can scream/cry the loudest. Sumo wrestlers hold up babies and attempt to scare them into oblivion. The winning baby...wins....I have no idea. Honestly, I have no idea. I can't help, but compare this story to another award-winning tale called "Monsters Inc."

I'm willing to guess that these sumo wrestlers are not using the fear of children to power the cities of Japan. Then again, Japan is pretty bizarre. If someone told me that Tokyo Tower needed to be powered by the cries of children, I wouldn't be that surprised. Japan has always been on the forefront when it comes to modern-day tech. It would only be a matter of time before it would hit the American Shores in the guise of some sort of "Wii" game. Excuse me, gentlemen, welcome to "WII TEARS!"

Original Article here. Like many other Japanese events, this is done to promote good health. Good grief, thanks for being so original. You have all these wacky festivals, but they always promote the same damn thing. Good Health. Bah.

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sleepyjim said...

Nothing promotes a person's health like traumatizing them as an infant.