Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Once again, Superdicker.Com makes me giggle nonsensically. Not only does Superman lose his "job," he is basically Steve Martin from "The Jerk."

1- First off, why would Superman ever need a car with his insignia? He can run faster than a locomotive and fly faster than a speeding bullet. Is he that lazy? Apparently, money doesn't only corrupt, it also makes superheroes LAZY.

2- Clearly, Superman decided to go with "Pimp Purple." Along with the top hat and cane, I have to ask. Where the hell are Superman's "hos"?

3- The hobo half of the cover confirms a couple things:
a- Superman wears white socks under his red boots
b- Superman doesn't have "super-socks." The giant hole on the cover is just embarrassing.
Shame on you, Superman. Not only that, they clearly have not been washed. You're sitting on a SOAPBOX and boiling WATER. What an idiot!
c- Just so people don't get confused about his new status, he converted his outhouse into a shack and even engraved "Superman's Shack" into the top banner. Wow.

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