Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Food Network Broadcast Footage!

"I am simultaneously faintly disgusted, and in absolute awe.

Hopefully they'll share Jason's glorious sugary locks with the world."

-Eric Lofgren, "The Nordic Fiend"

"do you SEE what happens when you leave us alone???? NOW do you see??????"

- Samantha Jordan, "Air Jordan"

Thanks to Jon Jordan, we have video footage from the Unwrapped episode! The only part that matters! US! I want to note that the entire Fluff Segment was about 2 minutes (maybe 2.5 minutes minute long). Therefore, it is just so wicked awesome we got this far. Sure, they cut me off at the end. This is what I originally (from my memory?) said in those interviews...

"I don't know if my head is heavy with fluff or with victory..."


"We're going to be back next year!!!!" (sounds bland, but I remember yelling like a wrestler).

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