Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Look at Great Flash Games Part II

As promised, I will continue my look at great Flash Titles. We will be covering just one title today.

Nanaca Crash is a really simple game. However, it is also mildly addictive...

See our lone, effeminate looking male student? Well, he's supposed to be some damn playboy. I don't know anything else about the story (it is in Japanese after all). Either way, we're not playing this game for the plot. Thankfully, the English is there for the parts that matter. See that 1/4 of a circle with the arrow? Well, press down on the left mouse buttom and release at the preferred angle. What happens?

Well, your protagonist gets knocked into the air. The goal is to keep this character in the air. Along the way, he risks flying into targets on the ground. These range from other male students, shy girls that will stop you dead in your tracks, or vicious girls that will knock you higher in the air. Oddly enough, you really want the vicious ones to knock you up (not like that!).

See? You're flying!
Ah! Someone knocks you up!

Awww. You're stopped. Play the game here!

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