Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Big Colbert Philadelphia Episode!

For the non-Colbert Report watchers, Stephen Colbert took his show to Philadelphia recently. Many people don't know this, but I am a member of the Colbert Nation. I love Stephen Colbert and everything he says is absolute dynamite. When I saw him live about a year ago from today, it was possibly the best live performance I have ever seen. What people do not understand too is that Stephen Colbert is not playing himself. Unlike Jon Stewart who is basically playing stand up with his hosting duties, Stephen Colbert is actually taking on a persona. Before the show, I noticed a couple things. First, he is much shorter in real life and he has some wrinkles. However, he is also more serious and more solemn than other comic hosts. During the question warm-up, he was funny, but he was oddly reserved at the same time. When those cameras hit, he was someone else. Like Jim Carrey in the Mask, he became absorbed in his bit. Really Incredible Stuff.

Hillary Clinton wasn't really funny.

John Edwards was really funny. I guess with less pressure now, he can relax and play along with gags.

Ah, Barack, you pleased the world when you mentioned that Bears are our worst enemy. BUT, there are plenty of Bear advocates out there too. Hope you didn't split your voting party!

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