Monday, April 21, 2008

Oh! So this is why we don't have a Sin City 2 yet!

Ah, Frank Miller. I have a love-hate relationship with you. First, you wrote one of the best Batman stories written ( The Dark Knight Returns). Next, you wrote some of the worst Batman stories ever (The Dark Knight Strikes Back, All Star Batman and Robin). Then, you co-directed Sin City which was a great adaptation of your original work. However, there are still rumors of you making "Batman vs. Osama Bin Laden." Bad Frank Miller! BAD!

Now, you are working on Will Eisner's the "Spirit." To those unaware, Will Eisner is pretty much a god in the comic book medium because he helped innovate and redefine comic books. Coming from me, this is no mere statement. Well, the Spirit is his biggest superhero contribution to the comic book medium and is finally going to be adapted. Frank Miller and Will Eisner had a relationship similar to Kubrick and Spielberg which makes this project interesting. Is Frank Miller going to attempt to make his own "Spirit" or Eisner's "Spirit"? Well, the trailer looks good at least. My only concern is that it may too much like Sin City in feel. However, I think Frank Miller must also be aware of this problem so I don't think it should be a huge deal. At least, the visual flair of the picture will be interesting to partake in.

Here are some preview shots of the talent involved thus far!

Scarlet Johanson! Yeah, that is not how her name is spelled. Guess what? Cry me a river.
Samuel L. Jackson! You are the "COOL" black guy in films now. However, your streak of bad films is just...bad? After "Jumper" and the "Star Wars" debacle, I hope you made the right decision here...

Now, we got this cool teaser. Honestly, it looks good. However, with no actual footage, I have no idea how this film will turn out. Hopefully, it is enjoyable. So many comic book adaptations these day...who would have thought that Hollywood would finally embrace the comic book medium as a great source for the box office smashing. After "Batman and Robin," studio executives got scared. Here are the comic book films coming out this year off the top of my head:

Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, Hellboy II, Wanted, Dark Knight, and Punisher: Warzone.

Alright, that's not as many as I expected. However, these are six films coming out featuring superheroes and super villains. This doesn't include Will Smith's "Hancock" or even all the feature films based upon independent comic books (Ghost World is an example of such a work ). However, compared to the dry spell of yesteryear, this is impressive. Next year, we get Watchmen, Wolverine, Surrogates, and more. It's amazing how liking comic books is becoming more and more acceptable too.

Viva Comic Book Films. Except for Elektra, Ghost Rider, and X-3. Those were turds. Huge turds of injustice.

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