Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Break from Audiosurf Courtesy of an AIDs warning!

Alright, I've been playing a SHITLOAD of Audiosurf. I will probably write a separate post about what I label as the game with INFINITE replay value. For now, I can easily say though that this is the FIRST PC game I have bought since Monkey Island 4 (2001?) which attests to my love for this product. Anyways, I'll talk about that another time.

As for this Flash Comic, I just wish to note:

1) The Flash is sooo scary! I have never ever seen the Flash like this. If I saw this dude coming in like the Koolaid Man asking for sodas and passing out AIDs information, I would hide. I'm not kidding. Do you not see that angry expression on his face as he dunks that kid's basketball and orders another kid to bring him a soda? Goddamn.
2) Why is she shaded so oddly in comparison to the kids? He's not the GODDAMN Batman.
3) Is that the world behind him in that last panel? It's only showing a single country. Phillipines or Japan? What are you saying, Flash? WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?

Okay, only two of those three comments make sense. Toodles!

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