Monday, March 31, 2008

A Funny Japanese Commercial

First off, I want to thank everyone for their comments about the film. It was a fun project to work on (except the rendering section which was a bitch). Aside from technical missteps, I'm generally satisfied with the final product. A couple facts for the road though.

1) There is no EPISODE 2 coming. This was a creative impulse and I don't believe in sequels. Spin-Offs and Alternative Universes are possible though. I already thought of a John Tat Peep Spin-Off feature a Farm full of Different Colored Peeps.
2) Three characters had chopped off body parts that were either replaced with an object or just left alone. Try to guess!
3) I still don't understand Adobe Premiere, but I have sort of figured out the basics for now.
4) This actually was fun to work on because I got to incorporate my love for video games and other geek-related media into a project that will probably be timeless. Remember all those damn "OMG. They killed Kenny" jokes? Not here, thankfully. Oh, I love finding and mixing music with different scenes!
5) Wang Films is not BACK necessarily. I like to work mysteriously. Like the Wind on a Cool Autumn Day....or a Cool Winter Day...or any of those damn seasons.

And what you were actually waiting for, a hilarious Japanese Commercial:

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