Saturday, March 1, 2008

Conan O' Brien: Secrets

With the writer strike back, I'm a little bit sad that Conan will be going back to scripted monologues. Out of all the talk show hosts (including Stewart and Colbert), Conan shined the most. He was on his feet, saying everything that entered his mind, and liberated somewhat. However, I am looking forward to one segment that he does from time to time. "Secrets" is a gag that lets celebrities tell their darkest thoughts to the late night world. I can only find three on youtube, but they are all funny.

David Bowie is HYSTERICAL. The best of three.

Tom Hanks is fun too.

Shatner is batshit crazy, but you already knew that.

Ha! This is the new Iron Man trailer which looks FANTASTIC. It looks and sounds exactly what an Iron Man SHOULD BE. Everything looks just about perfect except for a proper villain. Although I was hoping for the Mandarin, I'm comforted by the fact that all the armor just looks goddamn great. For everyone not familiar with Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. currently nails Tony Stark. Imagine Bruce Wayne except he really was a smarmy, rich asshole. Enjoy!

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