Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Instead of studying, I decided to peruse some blogs. Low and behold, I came across some old articles about Barack Obama. I know, it sounds boring. How about the town of Obama? Alright, you are probably thinking that there is practically a city named after everyone in the States. How about if this city was Japan? So? More interesting. Well, this city also loves Obama like he is practically a representative of the small fishing town.

"As the race for the nomination heated up, the town's tourism office received a stream of calls from locals wishing Obama well. On Super Tuesday, supporters nervously clutched photos of Obama as they watched the results come in at their makeshift headquarters in a hotel, whose lobby is currently home to a large portrait of the candidate."

"Obama's most ardent fans, who include a hotel executive and a couple of farmers, believe their campaign, like that of their hero, is gathering momentum. With his name recognition at an all-time high, they plan to produce hachimaki "victory" headbands - a common campaign accoutrement in Japan - themed lacquerware chopsticks, and manju sweet buns bearing his name and face."

The mayor, Murakami, also noted that Barack Obama's birthday, August 4, happens to be "Chopsticks Day" in the city.

Article and Quotes from the Guardian
Pictures from Google News