Thursday, March 27, 2008

Crazy Japanese Hairdryers

For the suicidal types, I offer you the opportunity to toy around with the concept with the WESTERN Dryer. This is not a mock up.

First off, Japan, there is no record of women in the Old West ever using a gun to blow dry their hair. Perhaps, the women in the frontier days may have wanted to commit suicide due to inadequate rights and just down-right despicable machismo in the West. This COULD be true. However, this does not make this MODERN day device less weird.

For the settings, you actually cock the gun back before you start drying your hair. For the record, I am surprised at how functional these hair dryers. Back in the day, I was only familiar with High, Low, and maybe a Medium if we were lucky. Oh shit, that's what the numbers mean here too. Oh well.

Japan, you so crazy awesome. Let me be more gramatically incorrect with you just because I love your craziness.

For more information, go to this purchases website.

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Jon said...

i know what someone is getting for xmas!