Saturday, March 22, 2008

Kenneth Eng- Super Exciting Asian Supremacist Hero!!

Many people will tell you that Asian people are racist and I am not inclined to disagree. Assholes come in many shades regardless of what color you are as my grand "pappy" used to say. Back in the day when I shot sawed off shotguns, I was taught a little something called TOLERANCE.

Meet Kenneth Eng. He used to be this freelance writer (who actually got published in REAL newspapers!), but is also pretty damn racist.

OUCH. Oh. He also hates Asians too! On Jan 12, 2007, Kenneth Eng hates how
"Asians in America is how so many of them want to suck up to whites," "how little pride they have," and the "how apathetic many of them are toward honor." Wow, this guy is sort of a jerk-off. Oh, this story gets better. The following is from the San Francisco Gate:

‘Hate’ columnist Eng arrested in N.Y. for alleged harassment

(05-23) 12:44 PDT NEW YORK CITY — Kenneth Eng, the author of a controversial AsianWeek column that described reasons to “hate” black people, is being held in a New York jail without bail on assault and harassment charges.

Eng, 23, was arrested on suspicion of threatening to kill his Queens neighbors and one of their pets. He was arraigned May 11 on charges of attempted assault, menacing, possession of a weapon and harassment.

Eng allegedly approached the mother and daughter as they stood in their driveway with their pet and said, “If your dog bites me, I will kill you and your family.” He then called the mother fat and lazy and swung a hammer at her and the dog, according to the Queens district attorney’s office.

Eng used to be a regular contributor to San Francisco-based AsianWeek, writing from New York. He was fired in February after public outcry over his racist and discriminating columns. In his writings, Eng called himself an “Asian supremacist” and listed reasons to hate black people as well as Asians and whites.

Eng’s attorney has asked that he undergo a mental examination. He is scheduled to return to court in Queens on June 13.

Booyah. Luckily, I don't know shit about hammers unless Thor throws them.

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