Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Are we obsessed with "Friendship Tests"?

Does this picture have much to do with the topic? Not particularly. However, a friend of mine recently brought to attention the fact that I (and other males in my particular social group) are enamored of the old age game called the "Friendship Test." From what it sounds like, it goes a little like the following:

Male A will devise a plan that will cause Males B and C to take notice of something different. This may range from a new haircut to a new t-shirt to even Male A's blatant absence. Now, according to this theory (or fact), we will use these events to see if Males B and C would give a rat's ass and mention the change. If the change is noticed, that bond is strengthened or simply "confirmed." If not noticed, it will spark a wily discussion amongst Male A and other individuals outside the circle until someone from this "outside circle" leaks out information surreptitiously or accidentally to B and (or) C. In other words, we are sensitive creatures that create this drama despite complaining about the drama that other people perpetuate in their lives. All in all, this is actually a harmless cycle that does little harm to the actual friendships. This is akin to the superfluous nature of girls wanting guys to notice their own changes and forcing the guy in question to play a guessing game that ultimately leads nowhere (generally, guys either lose or win with dumb luck). Male friendship, although tough on the outside, is ultimately more sensitive and ninja-like than one is willing to admit. Though it will never be as conniving and sneaky as the female friendships (which always begs the question if girls are friends with each other on the surface or under that layer of bitchiness). For the record, I am not criticizing women, just girls.

Oddly enough, I find myself not disproving this post. This passage accompanied by wordy liberal arts language just reveals a facet of humanity that lies in the seedy underbelly of civilization. Plus, I wanted to have an excuse to put up that picture of Batman/Superman.

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