Sunday, March 2, 2008

Stuff that Asian People Like

Inspired by the "Stuff that White People Like" Blog, I thought about the Asian populace. What do we like? Can I do it without being racist or offensive? Well, here is an attempt at one thing that we DO like. Keeping in mind how awesome that blog is, this is an EXTREMELY modest attempt.

Eating Stuff that White People Avoid like the Plague

As an Asian-American, I always find myself with people that cannot stand the cartilage in their Beef Noodle Soups, the oddly bland texture of tripe, and the difficulty of eating chicken feet. Hell, most Americans can't stand eating Kimchi (seasoned fermented cabbage). Well, Asian Americans will lovingly embrace these products with unparalleled zeal. For whatever reason, we will gulp it down with a satisfaction that practically damns the "white" foreigners for their inability to have the courage or the desire to engage in our ancient practices. Why? Is it the taste? Take it from this Asian American, YES and NO. We do enjoy the flavors of these odd-ball products, but we truly enjoy rubbing it all your faces (you...being the white man). In our own odd way, it is practically our own way of competing with white people. I can't tell you how many times we all enjoy waving Kimchi around like Lex Luthor taunting Superman with Kryptonite.

Take that, white man! Take that! Due to our superior Asian ego, we will laugh and taunt you. Sure, there are some Asians that won't vocally make fun of you, but they are using their "inside voice." This inside voice is like an Amy Tan novel that shakes its head and says, "what a silly white person." These are the little kicks in our otherwise, "Asian" lives.


Amaeon said...
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Eric said...

Asians: We loves us some spoiled cabbage

That was me above, some weird Google business about really old blog accounts.