Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pika-gina? Oh, Happy Birthday to Davey Boy.

I found this on Japanator who I am pretty damn sure took it from someone else. Anyway, images such as this remind me of childhood innocence. Prior to proper sexual education in the 4th grade, we would all dive into the "vaginas" of our favorite childhood characters without any hesitation. Now we are all so damn concerned with STDs and moral laws of conduct that we forget about FREEDOM. The freedom to dive into any "pika-gina" we want.

On a side note, Pikachu looks GODDAMN pleased with himself. There is no confusing the excitement on Pikachu's face. Although you can't see his tail, I think you imagine its position.

Alright, spoiler alert. It's pointing up. REALLY HIGH UP.

Oh, Happy Birthday Dave! This is the gift of life.

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Dave said...

I really can't be sure if I should comment.