Thursday, March 6, 2008

I see Watchmen!

Well, Zack Snyder updated his Watchmen Blog. I'm still concerned about this film ( the story primarily), but I do think that Zac Snyder almost nailed all these characters design-wise at least.

Nice Outfit. Reminiscent of Batman Begins. He's not fat enough though. I don't sense "out of work superhero" here.

PERFECT. This shot really shows that they captured the character. This shot just emanates "ASSHOLE."

Not happy with this one. Though Ozymandias was always a delicate and elegant character, the actor just look so SMALL in that outfit.

Perhaps, the best update of the 80s superheroine. She looks less ridiculous than the comic books. She looks less like a stripper and more like a hero here. Though still wearing the spandex, but that's superheroin' for you.

Perfect. This was nailed. Nailed goddamn well.

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