Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wang Thoughts: Broccoli

From time to time, I will share my thoughts on the world. These are what we call "Wang Thoughts." Today, this conversation was extracted and edited from a conversation with Lisette about Broccoli.

A woman should know where a man stands regarding broccoli. Is it a first date conversation? Hardly. I, personally, would wait until AT LEAST the one month anniversary before discussing this matter. What if the woman disagrees with the man's stance on broccoli? Well, disagreeing is fine as long as the woman doesn't push her beliefs about broccoli upon the male parter. Keeping in mind, I am referring to myself here in this case which is why I am using "male." This can refer to practically any couple situation. Now, this may sound like a religion, but it is not. Broccoli is a representation of man's compromise in the world!

Though our stance on broccoli is always set to change, the woman can certainly change it. BUT it should never be pushed. There are after all, different schools of thought to broccoli. It is a very sacred bond that ties us to who we are as individuals. Now it may seem like JUST BROCCOLI to you, but it is more than a mere theory.

Broccoli represents a childhood vegetable that we chose to accept or not accept at a young age. It was the staple childhood vegetable that parents would force you to have regardless of your feelings on the matter. Now, some kids choose to start liking them early while others would hide it under their plate. Consider the following, how does one go from disliking a great green vegetable to hungering for it everyday. Well, perhaps not everyday, but I imagine that we open broccoli into our hearts without batting an eye now. WHY? This was not a mere accident,

I guess you could argue that broccoli represents a part of the human mind that ties us to evolution and change. Ultimately though, it ties into our ability to compromise with our lives. Eventually, as children, we gave up fighting with our parents. By raising our forks and stabbing into a bushy piece of green, we decided to succumb. As a reward for our efforts, we learned the ability to compromise. Some choose to fight against the deliciousness of broccoli to this day. That defines them as well. Having a mating partner understand that part of you and how you as a person through your relationship with a bushy green vegetable. Well, that's just it. That sentence says it all. Understanding a person's hear through the produce he or she eats. That is the essence of human relationships in a shopping aisle.

Note: For the record, this was complete made up on the fly. It actually makes little sense upon inspection and I'm even having a hard time buying into my argument now. However, this is the essence of liberal arts. Everything seems to make sense until you hit a wall. This wall is "wait, that's horseshit!" Correct, reader. CORRECT. Also, I liked having an excuse to put up a picture.

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