Monday, April 14, 2008

Webcomic Spotlight: Perry Bible Fellowship

Well, as you noticed, I am taking a break from Japanese-related media for now. Now, most of you should be aware of this particular webcomic. If not, PLEASE go to the website after this. It is one of my favorite strips. Although it does not update frequently, this particular strip has some of the funniest and most artistic approach to the webcomic. I imagine this comic to be somewhat like the Far Side because the author focuses on a wide variety of topics yet keeps a somewhat consisting universe.

The author loves using white Pilsbury Doughboy character designs for his normal universe. The character designs work well because the goofy conflicts with the morbid or dark humor of the strip. Note, conflict is GOOD in this case. It just makes the strip funnier.

He is also RIDICULOUSLY excellent at copying the styles of other artists. In this example, he copies the style of Bill Keane, the cartoonist of the Family Circus. As someone who HATES the Family Circus, this strip was just wonderful.

Why are there only two strips featuring these particular robots on this site? WHY?

This is very much a FAR SIDE moment.

The site is called the Perry Bible Fellowship.

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