Friday, April 25, 2008

Stuff that Jason Loves: Talking Dinosaurs that act like James Bond Villains

Devil Dinosaur...I love you. A talking T-Rex acting like a James Bond villain is a huge check-off on "Stuff that Jason Love" department. He was used in the "Nextwave: Agents of Hate" series as the lead super villain. What I found amazing was when I googled "Devil Dinosaur."

He's an old character from the old Marvel Comics days! Not only that, he is a superhero! Along with Moon Boy (the first ape/human), they fight evil! Granted, I've always somewhat knew about Devil Dinosaur, but I never thought he had roots like this. Blogger, Gorilla Daze, blogged about this and even gives an issue analysis on this short run. Not only is this a real series, but it was created by Jack Kirby. This is the man who gave us the Fantastic Four, the New God, and other lasting works. The blog can be found here.

Oh yeah, I also decided to end this brief entry with a clip from the Critic which is sort of like the Devil Dinosaur picture above. Maybe I'll write a post about Nextwave which is the Gurren Lagann of comic books. If that doesn't mean anything, it basically means the GOOD Michael By films of films.

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