Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Look at Great Flash Games

Today, Dave and I spent some time showcasing our favorite ventures in Flash Games. Over this week, I will showcase a few games that truly captured my heart and brought tears of joy to me. Well, they also carry a huge "WHAT THE FUCK?" factor. Unsurprisingly, these games are JAPANESE, but are almost all translated in English for your own pleasure. I hope after reading my post, you give these games a shot.

Rose and Camelia

Story Description from the Game Website:

"Newly wed to Shunsuke, eldest son of the historied Tsubakikoji family, Reiko suffers the loss of her husband the very next day. Under the cruel and unceasing mockery of the aristocrats, Reiko's common-born blood sets to boil. Clutching the rose Shunsuke gave her to her bosom, Reiko issues a defiant challenge to the house. "I am the widow of the eldest son of the Tsubakikoji family. This house is mine!" ...This is the elegant art of feminine conflict."

So, you settle your differences with the women in this household through vicious slapping duels. I swear to god when I say that this game is pure gold. You use the mouse to slap your opponents into submission with very dramatic, Victorian Inspired Music. This cannot even fall under some sort of weird sexual fetish type of game because the atmosphere of the title is just completely over the top. PLEASE. It can be found here.

Makibishi Comic

Makibishi Comic was found randomly. Alright, people. This is the MOST beautiful FLASH game I have ever played. Words cannot describe how amazingly crafted this game is in the visual department. It also has its own branch of humor. Basically, there are some NINJAs who decide to hide from you and you have to solve puzzles (adventure game style) to find them. Although the investigation may seem random at times, it also carries a significant amount of adventure game logic which is always a plus for me. When the factory in the game entails a headphones wearing baby with a gas mask pooping out various minions, I find it hard to not crack up hysterically. The visuals alone make this at least worth trying to play.

This game is actually not lewd or anything and this is as bad as it can get. Otherwise, you find keys in a T-Rex's mouth or summon boars to take down ape gangs. Seriously, not kidding. Find it here.

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I notice you left out the Korean game we found...