Monday, April 7, 2008

The "Bible" Manga

Alright, kids. I posted something in the "Planet B-Boy" review that have caused some eyes to burn. It was the following image.

First off, this is not a Japanese manga. The authors are actually Korean. Second, this manga is actually about Jesus. It is a very, very liberal interpretation of Jesus Christ. How do I begin explaining this manga. The following summary is from this translation website.

"Vulcan Markovic lives in a small fishing village in Croatia. He has only two things on his mind--designer goods and losing his virginity. When an indescribably beautiful girl shows up asking for directions to Heaven's Gate, Vulcan takes his first step into "thrilling world-salvation action!!"

Alright, this girl is Jesus.

This is Lucifer...

This is an Apostle...Nazareth...

This is only a two-part manga. Well, I could go over the plot. However, I won't. I'll just let you digest this...

OH! God likes to drive school buses in heaven to pick up dead people (like her little girl...spoiler alert! Jesus dies!). What is the deal with Asia Media and religious imagery? Remember Evangelion? Cross after cross after cross.....why use the religious imagery? Clearly, the authors were having fun with this manga though. There is very minute amount of religious relevance in this work. Taken for what it is, it is a just a ridiculous manga. The answer may be simple though. To these writers, the religious imagery or relation is just HIP or COOL. Now, I'm starting to sounds like an old man. GREAT.

If you want to read this epic, go to website. The files are in zips. I can also send it to you through e-mail.

On a side note, Stephanie Simpson White, our friend from Japan, will be guest-writing at the Opera House from time to time. Welcome her with open arms. Actually, if anyone ever wants to write a post, but not actually have to deal with "blogging," I would be more than happy to "hire" a freelance writer!

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