Monday, April 14, 2008

The Next Food Network Stars

Well, we made it into Unwrapped! Last September, I joined masses in Sommerville's Union Square to celebrate Archibald Query's creation, "FLUFF." Apparently, he created this white, messy, sticky substance right around here. Anyway, this was the SECOND annual celebration. I chose to celebrate this event with the oh so class "Fluff Beauty Contest." Based on the above picture, I clearly won the event. Not only did I win, Sam and I were also videotaped and recorded on camera by the crew from Unwrapped. For months, we speculated if we made it or not. As of this point, I still have not seen myself on television. I actually can't download the episodes. However, sources close to me, indicate that Sam and I made the show PLUS I get one line in. THE SUSPENSE!

The episode is called "Old School."During the episode of Unwrapped, they will be traveling back in time to revisit some old school snacks we remember well, like Jello, Funyuns, Dairy Queen and Marshmallow Fluff. Of course, we ONLY care about Marshmallow Fluff for this post.

The times are:


If you can find a downloadable copy, let me know!

Fast Forward to the end of the video! You'll see me and Sam!


Dave said...

Jason and Sam, immortalized :P

lisette le said...

goodness gracious