Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Summer Movie Lineup that you won't hear about!

Welcome to the summer of blockbuster films. Honestly, I haven't seen a lineup this good since...well I honestly don't remember. Week after week, there is at least going to be one film worth seeing. Well, I thought it would be great to look at films that you won't see this summer! Odds are, you have never heard of any of these films. It's easy to forget that the summer box office isn't about explosions or hype. These films are going to fly under the radar. I realized lately that films like "Planet B-Boy" won't get the attention they deserve unless someone actually forcibly drags someone to the theater. Although I"m not condemning the public audience for not having eclectic tastes, I just find it sad when interesting films are just ignored. Well, I'll focus on one film each time for shits and giggles.

This film looks fascinating. It reminds me of Pan's Labyrinth, Adventures Baron Muchashen, and Princess Bride put into a blender. Color me interested.

"Los Angeles, circa 1920‘s, a little immigrant girl (Catinca Untaru) finds herself in a hospital recovering from a fall. She strikes up a friendship with a bedridden man (Lee Pace) who captivates her with a whimsical story that removes her far from the hospital doldrums into the exotic landscapes of her imagination. Making sure he keeps the girl interested in the story he interweaves her family and people she likes from the hospital into his tale."

Characters include "steam punk hereoes" such "as an Indian, an ex-slave, an explosive expert, a masked bandit, and in a bit of revisionist history, famed evolutionary biologist Charles Darwin. They unite to fight a common enemy, Gov. Odious, the "bad man." (Wikipedia Entry)

Wow, this film just got more awesome. This FRIDAY! I still want to see Speed Racer, but this film looks great too.

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